Finish Strong


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At this point, the excitement has worn off and the new year seems so far behind us.  If your house is anything like ours, you have been plaughed with sickness, flu and chapped lips for the past 4 weeks,  Perhaps this 40 days of prayer and fasting has lost its luster.  But, are you going to finish what you started?  Are you going to choose to push forward and not quit?

I live by an outlet mall and there is a Nike store there.  I see Lance Armstrong stuff everywhere. “Livestrong” clothes in bright yellow hit a nerve inside of me.  Do I want to be like him and live a lie or do I want to be the real deal?  Am I rooted and established in the truth?  Am I walking in integrity and honor?  Am I living a spirit-led life or am I still driven by the desires of my soul and flesh?

I want the Truth to live in me.  The Holy Spirit is the truth and without HIs power, I will fail over and over again.  Today, I am choosing to press on.  I am choosing to press in to my Father hand and I am choosing to keep going.  40 days.  40 days can change everything, or it can just be another lap around the same mountain.  Let’s make a choice today to keep our eyes on Him and press on.  Our place of promise awaits.  Our King is preparing a place for us.  Our obedience and faith will result in freedom, because we are trusting in our God to make a way where there seems to be no way.

Press on friends and finish strong.  I know it’s hard, but we are in this together! I am so proud of you!