spilt-red-sea         Sometimes, the only way to get to freedom is to go through whatever is standing in your way. If you are facing something in the middle of this journey that just seems impossible…. If you are looking at a situation that just seems to have no way around it… then maybe it’s because you are supposed to go through it. Often when we take steps of faith to leave our place of bondage, we quickly find ourselves facing the impossible. The enemy is chasing after us and we find ourselves in situations that seem far worse than what we left behind.

The Lord has put on my heart to tell you that He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is just as ready and able to do the miraculous in your life as He did for the Israelites when they came to the edge of the Red Sea. If we will trust Him, He will make a way where there seems to be no way.

What is standing in your way today? Is the enemy hot on your trail and making you feel like there is no hope?  Then you are right where you are supposed to be. You are on the verge of a miracle. The God who parts the sea is inviting you to trust Him with your ostacle today.

Father God, I trust you. Lord, I am ready to go through this obstacle ,Lord, and I will trust you to hold back the waters until I am safe to the other side. Lord, today, I place my situation in your hands and I trust you to do the impossible. I will praise you on this side Lord, I will praise you through the middle and I will praise you when I come out of the other side, for you ,Lord, are worthy of my praise. I will choose to be joyful, I will continually listen for your directions and I will have thanksgiving on my lips because that is your will for me. Lord, I give you permission to work creatively in my life and in my circumstances. Part the sea, Lord. I am ready.