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I never dreamed that I would help anyone lose weight, ever. I mean, I could not even lose 5 pounds myself, how could I ever help someone else? I was the worst offender and I was hopeless. A few years ago, my friend Melissa, offered to help me. She even offered to come to my house to work out with me. So I asked her if some other friends could join us too and they did. We met every week. Melissa would plan workouts and put together challenges. She made us get weighed and she cheered us on. I just don’t know why she did that for me (us). She was already in great shape and she surely did not need something else to do.

I lost very little weight during those months and I worked really hard, but Melissa just kept encouraging me. Her confidence in me and her vision of what could happen to my body were so beyond my own. Her investment in me changed everything. I caught her vision. I was so defeated and I had no hope, but she came along-side me and walked with me. She pushed me, but she didn’t burn me out.

Before I knew it, I was making better choices. I was seeing results. I was not hopeless anymore. I then started to see the light for myself and I started to seek the Lord for my path to wellness and health. Melissa had a huge life change and we weren’t able to meet together anymore. And then this crazy thing happened….. people started to ask me questions, and they got inspired. And before I knew it, many were getting brave enough to tackle their health issues too. After only two years, I can look around my church, my community and my own family and see huge results all around me. Hundreds of people have lost weight, gotten off meds, started making life changes in the way they care for their body. Melissa used her gift, and then I used mine. God used us both to accomplish His plan.

It’s truly amazing what God can do through just one person who is willing to obey. How one person’s actions can change the lives of millions, perhaps. The other day I posted a picture of one person heading into the parted sea. It may often feel like you are alone, out there, making hard choices, going the unchartered path…. going through the hardest journey. It can be lonely at times, but you just never know what the impact will be. Sometimes you will never know, but other times the Lord will allow you just a glimpse of the impact. When we look out in front, it may seem like it wouldn’t matter if we just turned back, but the reality is there just may be others who are right behind you who are counting on you taking those steps of faith.

Take some time and ask the Lord where He is calling you to take those steps of faith. Who is He asking you to walk a mile of the journey with? What area of your life is He challenging you to just trust Him, even if it seems like the least logical way to go. Other’s are counting on you. Go ahead and step in the water. He’s ready to do the miraculous!

Thank you Melissa for investing in me.  I will forever be gratful!